A Military Success Story

Sphinx CrossFit“I’ve always lived an active life that spans the gamut; various high school sports, a brief D1 track career (participated in field events), and running in a marathon. Prior to living in South West Florida I had a great career in the IT industry; however I dropped everything to enlist in the United States Navy. I wanted to choose a job in the Navy where I would be forced out of my comfort zone. One requiring both extreme mental and physical challenges, allowing me to provide the most value to the nation. For this reason I decided to pursue a job in Naval Special Warfare (NSW). The training pipeline for Naval Special Warfare is legendary for its rigorous physical demands. Being in peak physical shape to overcome any obstacle is a must, therefore my fitness is paramount before shipping out. Looking for a resource familiar with Naval Special Warfare requirements, Conrad came recommended to me. Working with Conrad, it was immediately apparent that he was extremely passionate and knowledgeable. His firsthand experience and dedication with Naval Special Warfare really shined. Working with Conrad and his team at Sphinx CrossFit was a great change from my old routine. Before I was spending hours in the gym doing predominately traditional weightlifting, but getting only slight returns for my effort. Sure I was getting stronger, but I wasn’t improving at the specific strengths needed for the Navy. I noticed dramatic improvements when working in the NSW pipeline; after training for only a few weeks at Sphinx CrossFit. The high intensity workouts and training plans allowed for maximizing returns in the least amount of time spent at the gym. The less time I have to spend in the gym the more time I have for working on technique (or free time if you’re not planning to join the Navy). Coming from a D1 athletic background I can say that the training is top-notch at Sphinx CrossFit. Conrad and his team do an excellent job of creating a team atmosphere emphasizing tough workouts, all the while instilling safety through proper technique. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their general fitness, athletes, or those with Special Forces aspirations.” (As of September 2016 Kermit has finished the infamous Hell Week portion of SEAL Training and is on his way to becoming a Frogman!)

Before and After Success

After 9 Months at Sphinx

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“Awesome experience overall. I personally signed up to learn new workout skills as I come from a background of running and calisthenics with minimal weight lifting experience. They start you off in your comfort zone to ensure that your learning while minimizing your risk of injury. They also give you plenty of one on one time during each session to ensure you’re moving correctly and efficiently. The atmosphere is great, plenty of space to workout, and they are definitely helping me meet my personal fitness goals! I feel challenged appropriately each and every session.”
“I travel a lot for work and have visited a ton of boxes. Every gym has its own personality and it can sometimes be slightly intimidating to be the stranger in a class. I came across Sphinx while away from my home box and decided to drop in. I instantly felt at home. The coaching staff is friendly and very knowledgable. To anyone passing through town, this is the box you want to visit…and for any locals looking for a cross fit to call home, you have found the right place and I’m honestly jealous. Thanks for the workout! Next time I’m in town I will be back!”
“My husband and I started with Sphinx about 5 months ago and it has changed our lives! We are 60+ (ok, he’s 70!) and my husband hadn’t worked out in 20 years…and the best part is WE LOVE IT!!! Conrad and Derek are incredible trainers and motivators, and we could not be more impressed with them and the facility! Every day is so much fun, and we have made lots of new friends! So thankful we found such a great BOX!!”
Kim and Jim

“I am a 56 year old first time CrossFitter. My husband and I have been with Conrad and Sphinx since June. Neither of us had seen the inside of a gym in years, both of us had joint surgeries in our near past. Conrad modifies each workout to make sure we are getting the best and safest workout we can do. Each class he emphasizes technique and form, so you do the exercises correctly. I have known this young man since he was 2 years old, and I am so proud of him for pursuing his dream to bring elite fitness to all who seek it. I am a work in progress, but I leave each workout knowing that I am a little stronger than when I walked in. Give Sphinx a visit, you will not regret it!!”

“I was referred to Sphinx CrossFit, and specifically Conrad Long, by a Navy recruiter to train and prepare myself for the rigors of Navy SEAL training. Conrad and his coaches are extremely knowledgeable and personable, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I am a getting as much out of the workouts as possible while still maintaining a healthy and safe environment for not only myself, but the other patrons of the gym. Conrad has been extremely thorough in helping me understand every option and route possible for my goal of becoming a SEAL. Ultimately, I made the decision to enlist in the United States Navy as a means of hopefully achieving my dream of becoming a SEAL, and with the connections Conrad helped me make and the passion he has shown towards myself and others affiliated with the Naval Special Warfare Community, I am confident I will be properly prepared for the journey that awaits me as an NSW Operator.”

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